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dry eye symptoms

Your Dry Eye Symptoms Explained

What causes dry eyes? Learn about chronic dry eyes –including dry eye symptoms – from the eye experts at I Care Vision.
spring allergy symptoms

How to Prepare Your Eyes for Spring Allergies

Suffer from seasonal allergy symptoms? Would you benefit from different allergy eye drops? Prepare your eyes for spring with six eye allergy relief tips.

What Causes Eye Floaters?

Wonder why you’re seeing black or grey specks, or “cobwebs” in your vision? Let’s talk about eye floaters

How to Tell if Your Child Has Pink Eye

Learn more about pink eye symptoms and how you can help to treat it and prevent the spread.

Parts of the Eye

What is Lazy Eye?

How to Protect Your Eyes While at Work or Having Fun

Are You Using Both Eyes?

Eclipse & Macular Retinal Scarring