Corrective Vision Therapy Programs

If you play too much tennis, you risk a sore elbow. If you jog 4 miles on concrete each day for 5 years, your knees will soon start to wear out. So if you read too much, or stare at a monitor 8 hours daily, why haven’t you considered therapy for your eyes?

Not only will our doctors tailor a vision therapy program to your needs, but also they can prescribe you relaxing lenses for reading.

Strengthen Your Eyes with Regular Exercise

Just like you lift weights to build biceps or tighten your core, repetition can work wonders for your vision. Our doctors often recommend patients with learning difficulties or brain injuries practice regular at-home eye exercises.

Our doctors can design and supervise a program of regular eye exercises for you. They can also prescribe computer or web-based systems to exercise your eyes at home.

Correct Lazy Eye the Natural Way

So how did you or your child end up afflicted with a “lazy eye” anyway? Most often, they simply didn’t learn how to move or focus their eye properly.

The good news is that there’s usually no need for surgery. If you practice the right movements, and wear proper patching, contacts or glasses, the lazy eye can be improved. There are even new scientific studies and treatments of neuroplasticity focused on improving lazy eyes in older patients.

Stronger Muscles = Better Focus

The popular theory that if some is good, more is better, rarely works in vision therapy. To best target the right issue, and help your vision improve, we’ll guide your exercises. Some examples of exercises are below:

  • Eye crossing and focusing
  • Repeated tracking eye motions